Boldly Going Where No Machine Shop Has Gone Before:
R&B Creates Parts for the Mars Rover Curiosity

R&B Machine builds parts for mars rover

Though we approach each and every part we make well-aware of their critical nature, there may be no better motivation to make durable, quality components than knowing they will be in operation on Mars.

We were both honored and excited when we were contacted by JPL (NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory) with a request for mission-specific parts for the Curiosity Rover, the fourth in a series of successful Mars rovers. This would be our second Mars Rover contribution, as we also made parts for JPL’s last Rover mission.

R&B Machine was eventually contracted to make over 50 titanium and aluminum components for Curiosity. Our contributions included everything from the quill and spindle parts on the Rover’s movable drilling mechanism, microwave components used for communications with Earth, multiple technical components for a science lab on board the Rover, to the majority of the suspension components at the Rover’s base.

Unlike its predecessors, this Rover’s suspension system also was used as its landing gear. Lowered onto Mars by a jet-operated parachute, R&B produced a number of the tight-tolerance, complex components found onboard the Rover’s deployment mechanism as well.

On August 6th of this year, Curiosity landed on Mars and began its mission: investigating the biological and geological attributes of the planet, as well as assessing the atmosphere and surface radiation.

We are proud to be a part of this mission, and are amply pleased to report: R&B has, again, made it to Mars.

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