Electrical Discharge Machining (also known as die sinking, wire burning, or spark machining) produces tight tolerance, complex shapes that are often beyond the capabilities of traditional machining. At R&B machine, we maintain a fully staffed EDM department with the latest wire EDM and sinker EDM machines capable of handling the most difficult applications.

EDM is ideal for high-hardness materials including titanium, Tantalum, Inconel, Invar, Kovar, nickel and molybdenum. Since there is no contact with the workpiece in EDM, we are able to produce very fine shapes that are not possible with traditional machining.

Our largest CNC sinker EDM machine is able to accommodate workpieces up to 48" x 34" x 18" for large part applications. By fully utilizing tool changing capabilities on all of our equipment, we can effectively sink very involved burns quickly and competitively.

Our wire EDM machines can handle parts up to 24" high and tapers up to 45 degrees, and we can exceed these figures with additional customizations. Our investment in new wire EDM technology enables us to achieve some the fastest cutting speeds possible in the industry, and accomplish some of the most difficult cuts and setups.

At R&B Machine, our EDM technicians not only have access to the best equipment (click here for a full list), but they are also backed by our quality and inspection department. For parts that require both EDM and CNC machining, our teams work together to provide the best possible solution for your individual application.


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