Components made from aluminum alloys are in high demand in aerospace, satellite and defense applications. Often referred to as "aerospace aluminum alloys" or "aircraft aluminum", high performance aluminum alloys are stronger than many steels, but considerably lighter and more corrosion resistant.

At R&B Machine, we have deep experience in machining and turning aerospace aluminum alloys including 7075, 6061, 6063, 2024 and 5052. We've been providing aluminum components and assemblies for the most demanding, high-profile projects in the aerospace and defense industries since 1997.

We maintain the latest five-axis machining centers and multi-axis turning centers, allowing us to produce machine complex parts from aluminum alloys in a single setup. This helps us to reduce machine setup time and maintain tighter tolerances than a multiple setup job.

For extremely tight tolerance or complex shape aluminum applications, we have our own wire EDM and sinker EDM machines manned by highly trained and experienced EDM technicians. Since there is no contact with the workpiece in EDM, we are able to produce very fine shapes in aluminum alloys that are not possible with traditional machining.

Our machining and EDM departments are supported by a complete quality department with the latest CMM and inspection equipment. This ensures that all components we make meet or exceed the quality requirements of our clients.


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